eHealth Terminal ST-1506

eHealth Terminal ST-1506
Easily disinfectable touchscreen solution for telematics infrastructure applications
Numéro d'article: eHealth Terminal ST-1506
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Power over Ethernet
Infrastructure télématique
gematik approval
Easily disinfectable touchscreen glass surface for optimum hygiene
High-resolution colour display (720p, 5") for good readability and intuitive
USB port for the optional eHealth PIN-Pad PP-1516
Card slots for eGK, HBA, SMC-B and g-SMC-KT
eGK and HBA slot with ESD discharge for electrostatically charged cards
Power-over-Ethernet (power supply without power supply unit)
Prepared for reading contactless cards via NFC interface
VPN client for the support of TI-as-a-Service infrastructures
High integration capability through web service (e.g. remote administration REST
Up to 3 SMC-Bs can be used
Support for gSMC-KT 2.1 cards (RSA & ECC)
Support for MACs via USB (USB-ECM)
Extensive tamper protection
Kensington lock
Cable management
One-hand operation
2-year warranty
4 emplacements scellés pour emplacements ID-000, Câble USB, Mode d’emploi, eHealth Terminal, Câble réseau, Adaptateur secteur
The CHERRY eHealth Terminal ST-1506, approved by gematik, is the modern and hygienic solution for workplaces in the healthcare sector. Equipped with a high-resolution color display and a robust glass surface, the CHERRY eHealth terminal can be operated intuitively and easily disinfected. It is ideal for use in doctor's offices, clinics and pharmacies and is also a real design highlight. For telematics infrastructure applications, the terminal has four card slots with which the eGK (electronic health card) and the healthcare professional card (eHBA) can be read in, as well as the necessary security cards (SMC-B, gSMC-KT). In addition, the CHERRY eHealth Terminal supports reading contactless eGK and eHBA cards. In addition to the modern design and easy disinfection, the CHERRY eHealth Terminal impresses with flexible technical connection solutions (operation without a power supply via Power-Over-Ethernet, connection via LAN or USB) and the web service supports integration into existing management interfaces.

Détails techniques

Système d'exploitation Linux, Mac OS, Windows 7 ou supérieur
Warranty 2 ans de garantie légale
Cable-length 200 cm
Max. storage temperature 65 °C
Min. storage temperature -20 °C
Scope of delivery 4 emplacements scellés pour emplacements ID-000, Câble USB, Mode d’emploi, eHealth Terminal, Câble réseau, Adaptateur secteur
Configuration requise - matériel Bloc d'alimentation, gSMC-KT, Connecteur, Port USB (présuppose la fonctionnalité RNDIS/ECM dans le système d'exploitation utilisé)
Smart card
Chip card types eGK, gSMC-KT, HBA, KVK, SMC-B, ISO 1443A/B préparé, ISO 7816 Cartes
Display resolution vertical 1.280 Pixel
Display resolution horizontal 720 Pixel
Display with touch operation oui
Emplacement de montage latéral, en haut
Cartes courant électrique 5 mA
Kontaktierung lecteur abaisseur (ID-1 slots), Lecteur de meules (ID-000 plug ins)
Entrée code PIN sécurisée (cartes à contact) oui
Protocols S=10, S=8, S=9, T=0, T=1
Vitesse carte à puce 820 kBit/s
Affichage d'état lecteur de cartes à puce Icônes d'affichage, LED
Mating cycles 400.000
SW interface RNDIS, SICCT
System speed 12 MBit/s
Clock frequency 50 MHz
Chip-card reader type contact + sans contact
Données BYD
Width of product without packaging 104 mm
Weight main product 650 g
Height of product without packaging 76 mm
Length of product without packaging 195 mm
Power consumption standalone max. 1000 mA (5V USB-C), max. 125 mA (48V PoE, IEEE 802.3af, 802.3at), max. 250 mA (24V Netzteil)